The International Mediation Center (CIM –for its acronym in Spanish-) is a private institution affiliated to CAMEX, incorporated by mediators who specialize in conflict resolution, experts in the method of MEDIATION, solving conflicts from different areas through dialogue.


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About Us

We will be the national and international center leader in the method of mediation due to our renowned efficiency, expertise, reliability and ethics shown in the successful development of dispute resolution.

We are a private institution affiliated to CAMEX, constituted by experts in the method of mediation, to facilitate the dispute resolution on a voluntarily basis through dialogue and cooperation as the best way to resolve differences between persons and entities from the national and international private sector.

  • Effective Cases 90%
  • Effectiveness 85%
  • User Satisfaction 99%

What is CIM?

The International Mediation Center aims to be the institution leader, at a national and international level, to mediate the social and commercial conflicts that affect the development of our society by promoting dialogue among the parties that are at dispute and offering impartial and fair options for the conflict resolution.  

Mediation is an alternative, voluntary, confidential and efficient resolution method, in which a neutral third party leads the parties to solve their disputes through dialogue, seeking to achieve for them to formulate their own agreement.

Currently a high percentage of conflicts are being resolved through peaceful and alternative methods, specially mediation which has become popular in many countries and has had excellent results, promoting justice, equality and peace.

International Mediation Center

The method of mediation is characterized as voluntary, peaceful and confidential and its purpose is to facilitate dialogue based tools to the professionals and businessman in order to prevent and manage the disputes that arise from their daily work.

International Mediation Center

Given the progress of today’s world the way of managing conflict must evolve as well, it is important to implement innovative and quick methods as MEDIATION that suit society’s needs and its constant changes.

International Mediation Center


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