Certified Mediators

Mario Adolfo Búcaro Flores

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Postgraduate Studies in Private International Law at the University of Salamanca, Spain, Postgraduate Studies in International Contracting at University Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Masters in Commercial Law and Competitiveness at University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Arbitrator from CRECIG. Instructor and Certified Mediator at the International Mediation Center.

Manuel Arturo Soto Aguirre

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

45 years of professional practice, with experience in contracts, foreign investment, international trade, banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, real estate.

Héctor Eduardo Palacios Macías

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Practice as an Attorney and Legal Consultancy with vast experience in corporate law with emphasize in Contractual Commercial Law, telecommunications, trading, Certified Mediator of the International Mediation Center, Arbitrator in Commercial Law matters.

Juan José Samayoa

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Postgraduate studies in Commercial Law, international arbitrator and certified mediator.

Cristian Josué Rojas Samayoa

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Has been practicing litigation for a year now. More than 5 years of experience in civil and labor law which are linked to other law practices such as constitutional, civil, administrative, notarial, trademark, hydrocarbon and aeronautic law, within the judicial and extrajudicial fields, advising individuals and legal persons.

Isabel Coma Martín de Samayoa

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

As a Lawyer I have had experience at Corporate and Commercial Law, which in includes corporations, mergers and acquisitions, conflicts among shareholders and commercial contracts; Constitutional Law focused on the elaboration of actions of unconstitutionality on the fiscal area and administrative law.

Christian Henry Ayau

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Banking Field: negotiation and execution of loan figures. Telephony Field: negotiation and execution of contracts on products, equipment and technology. Energy Field: production, transmission and commercialization of energy. Negotiation and land-use permits.

Aída Carolina Castellanos Rodríguez

Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Masters in Business Administration, more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. More than 15 years of experience in the administrative field, in senior management positions. Lecturer on foreign trade, foreign investment, business environment matters, among others.

Ana Regina Consuegra Barrera

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Professional Experience: within this beautiful profession that God has given me, I have been able to practice in children, adolescents and family matters through various trainings, workshops and practices of such noble area. With respect to my filed of exercise commercial and banking law are my day-to-day, specifically regarding business credits and matters relating such.

Manuela Maria Rosales Dieguez

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

As a Notary Public I apply Mediation techniques in order to facilitate the initiation of fair legal acts with better possibilities of being fulfilled; as non-litigator attorney, I promote Mediation as the solution and as a prevention of disputes.

Glenda Ramos Castillo

Business Administrator

Masters in Organizational Leadership, with more than 16 years of experience as Director of Human Resources in service and hospitality industries. Coach, consultant and lecturer in different educational programs for adults.

Martha Janeth Mancilla Recino

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Certified as a Mediator by the International Mediation Center. Diploma in Security, Defense and Strategic Planning. Postgraduate studies in Current Commercial Law Updates. Diploma in National Strategic Analysis.

Juan Sebastían Soto Lacape

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Partner in charge of the intellectual property area, with experience in international business such as distribution agreements and franchising, and also in the design of corporate structures and assets protection.

Sergio Enrique Cuevas Penedo

Industrial-Mechanical Engineer

MBA with 20 years of experience in his profession, working for multinational companies. With experience in industry, trade, restaurants and hotel industry. His roles have been from Production Supervisor to Operations Manager, and Maintenance Manager as well.

Myrna Haydee Cifuentes Santisteban

Psychologist, Educator and Mediator

Conflict Mediator of Family, agricultural, civil, criminal and commercial disputes, for more than 12 years. Teacher of 15 groups of Mediators.

Enio Alburez Valenzuela

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Advisory, consultancy and litigation in Commercial Law, Foreign Investment, Banking Law, Corporate Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Civil and financial contracts and real estate law.

Álvaro Ricardo Cordón Paredes

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Member of Business Boards – Manager on Commercial operation and services.

Toribio Acevedo Ramirez

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Professional Experience: Chief of Staff, currently Industrial Security Manager; Litigant in Criminal and Labor Law, Mediation Courses, settlement and Harvard Arbitration.

Dilma Nohely Samayoa Tenas de Aguilar

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

21 years of professional experience and for the past 4 years she has specifically approached misdemeanors, through conciliation and mediation of conflicts of less transcendence in society by preventing the offense applying alternative procedures.

Alejandro Umaña Luna

Notary Public and Attorney at Law

Negotiation and elaboration of agreements in the Commercial, Corporate, Franchising, Artistic, Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Real Estate fields.

Aura Patricia Aguilar Alonzo

Master in Business and Taxation

Degree on Customs Administration from Galileo University. Degree on Computer Science and Business Administration from Galileo University. Business Women, Executive Director of Integrated Logistic Services, with experience in Administrative Cases in SAT on custom matters. Cases of verification of background before the Ministry of Economy. Audit cases on international trade before SAT. Cases of custom regimes. Lecturer at University da Vinci.

Otoniel Montenegro

Industrial Psychologist

Diploma in Training Specialization from the Technological Institute of Monterrey (Mexico). Diploma in Human Resources Managing, the Industry Chamber, Accelerated Learning Techniques, Mexico. Diversity And Inclusion Speed Of Trust  (Franklin Covey, México). Human Resources Consultant. Experience in Multinational and family business in different countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, México, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Colombia.